Importance of travel insurance highlighted by lost passport figures

Travel insurance is essential for people planning their summer holidays, says new research by Halifax Travel Insurance .

The insurer revealed that more than half a million UK tourists lose, or have their passport stolen every year when they away are on holiday .

The losses can affect holidaymakers financially as the associated delay can cost around £131 per person in extra accommodation and rescheduled flights . The report also revealed that 12 per cent of passports are lost in airports and that 11 per cent disappear from hotel rooms .

Paul Birkhead, from Halifax Travel Insurance, said: “Losing your passport abroad is a guaranteed nightmare and we always advise taking several photocopies of the back page with you, just in case something happens.”

Mr Birkhead explained that this could help to speed up the process and would mean avoiding delays on the return leg of the journey which as well as being costly, could cause difficulties if the holidaymaker was expected back at work . He added that with appropriate travel insurance, much of the expense would be covered by the insurer.

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