Health insurance encourages men to stay healthy

There has been an increase in the number of men concerned about their body image, says new research by PruHealth .

The study revealed that more than fifty per cent of British men started a diet or fitness regime at the beginning of the year and reasons for the interest in male health varied from wanting to look good on the beach to longer term goals of general health and fitness .

Also, in addition to a change in lifestyle, the study found that men are indulging in grooming rituals that are usually associated with women. Around a quarter of men in the UK declared that they regularly apply
anti wrinkle cream or moisturiser as part of their new routine.

Shaun Matisonn, chief executive at PruHealth, said: “It’s encouraging to see a rise in the amount of men committing to getting fit and healthy. Obesity is on the rise among adults and children, so it’s becoming increasingly important to make the effort to stay in shape.”

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