Teens on parent-free holidays urged to take out travel insurance

Around 100,000 British teenagers could be going on holiday this year for the first time without their parents and without insurance, claims swiftcover.com.

Due to their age and their new found independence, teenagers can be one of the groups most at risk warns the insurance provider . The insurer also noted that a fifth of UK holidaymakers admitted to not taking out adequate insurance every time they travelled .

The site revealed that 45 per cent of young people said that they drank too much on their first holiday without parents. Travel insurance does not always cover accidents that occur when a person is drunk.

Recently, the Daily Mail urged people taking a DIY holiday, rather than a package one, to ensure they had adequate insurance. Package holidays booked with companies under the Air Travel Organisers Licensing scheme (Atol) or the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) are covered if the airline, hotel or travel company folds before the holiday.

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