Lost handbags can lead to identity theft warns insurer

Lost handbags can result in stolen identities . According to a warning issued by Sheilas Wheels home insurance, the contents of the average woman’s handbag could put them at risk of having their identity stolen .

The research found that women are vulnerable to identity theft because they carry too much personal information around with them when they leave the house . Around two thirds of women were found to have at least one item in their handbags which contained personal information. Everyday items that women carry around with them which could be used to steal an identity include a diary containing personal details, a cheque book or utility bills .

The insurer also recommends that people get a free credit report to make sure that there hasn’t been any credit applied for in their name by another party. Jacky Brown, from Sheilas’ Wheels home insurance, said: “With the size of fashionable handbags on the up, it’s crucial to only carry around the bare essentials and declutter regularly in order to reduce the risk of having your identity stolen if your handbag is snatched.”

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