Home insurer urges newlyweds to avoid being underinsured

The summer months are peak season for getting married and people should check they have enough home contents insurance to cover the increase in valuable items that are in their house around the time of the wedding, say Halifax Home Insurance .

“Those looking forward to their big day are likely to have a house stacked full of wedding presents, bride and bridesmaid dresses, new suits and wedding rings,” says Vicky Emmott Senior Technical Claims Manager for Halifax Home Insurance . “All these items can add up to a princely sum, and with all the planning that goes into a wedding, ensuring that home contents insurance is adequate may not be top of everyone’s list.”

Many insurers offer sum insured policies, which means it’s the responsibility of the customer to notify their insurance company when the cost of their home contents rises significantly. As many householders fail to do this, they can find themselves underinsured when they come to make a claim . Halifax offers unlimited home contents cover, meaning that customers will never find themselves in the position of being underinsured, even if the value of their home contents suddenly increases.

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