Expats need to consider health insurance

People from Britain thinking about retiring overseas should consider getting health insurance, says an industry expert.

According to Shelter Offshore’s director, Rhiannon Davies, despite recent changes to rules about the provision of healthcare in Spain and France, retirees will generally still have access to free medical treatment . However, Ms Davies said that in places such as Cyprus and Turkey, which are also popular retirement destinations, this is not the case.

She explained: “To ensure one can afford any and all care and treatment potentially necessary, it really is worth looking into health insurance if you are unsure about the level of care you will be entitled to in your preferred destination of choice. If you move to live abroad and cut all ties with the UK, don’t automatically assume you can always fall back on the good old NHS .”

HiFX revealed earlier this year that for people from Britain looking to retire abroad, Australia and New Zealand remain the most popular destinations.

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