Pet insurance helps avoid vets bills

Only 12 per cent of dog owners take out pet insurance – despite the fact that they could face large medical bills if their pets fall ill, a survey shows.

Allan Burns of Tesco Pet Insurance said: “Sadly this is quite common, more than half of dog owners have taken their dogs to the vet in the last two years. If you are not insured, there is a hefty price to pay”.

According to the Dogs Trust, the average dog lives for between around 14 years and costs about £1,000 per year to keep.

Tesco Pet Insurance is offering a 20 per cent discount to those who apply online.

It offers two levels of pet insurance, one that covers up to £2,500 for treating injury or illness and one that covers up to £4,000.

Earlier this month actor Neil Morrissey launched a nationwide adopt-a-dog campaign, aimed at helping dogs that had been abandoned.

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