Reduction in motorcycle insurance claims

The number of motorcycle insurance claims made in Britain could be reduced as proposals for motorcyclists to use the red route bus lanes in London have been approved.

Experts feel that the move may result in fewer insurance claims by motorcyclists as a result of cutting the amount of accidents and injuries on Britain’s roads. A campaign to give motorcyclists access to bus lanes became a political issue after the previous Lord Mayor Ken Livingstone abandoned a three-year trial, even though figures revealed that the number of injuries had decreased by 42 per cent.

During the weeks before the election, Boris Johnson had claimed that motorcyclists would be granted access to the bus lanes. Mr Johnson said: “One of the ways we can ease congestion is by encouraging more people to get on their bike, whether pedal or powered, and I believe they should be able to share our bus lanes successfully and safely.”

The initiative is set to begin on January 5th for a trial period of 18 months, for scooters, motorcycles and mopeds .

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