Men drink drive more than women says car insurer

Men are more likely to drink drive than women, according to new research by Diamond Car Insurance .

The car insurer, which specialises in insuring women, surveyed 2,600 motorists and found that while one in ten men would be happy to drive after consuming three to four units of alcohol, only one in a hundred women would consider getting behind the wheel. In the main, 62 per cent of men said they would be happy to drive after drinking, while only 34 per cent of women said they would be.

Sian Lewis, Diamond’s managing director, said: “The fact that such a large percentage are happy to drive after having a drink is a real worry as any amount of alcohol affects your ability to drive safely.”

Drink driving can also lead to increased car insurance premiums. A study by found that on average, premiums can cost as much as 82 per cent more if the driver has a previous drink driving conviction.

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