Home insurer warns wearers of manbags

Post Office insurance has warned wearers of the manbag, which is the male equivalent of the handbag, to be especially vigilant about theft.

The insurer said that boosted by celebrity wearers like David Beckham the manbag has grown in popularity, but the trend could put men at greater risk of robbery. According to the insurer, men who wear a manbag could pay for their sense of fashion be being targeted by thieves who know that they are carrying around more items of value than usual.

Emma Baunach, of Post Office home insurance, said: “A bag on its own can be quite expensive, especially if it is designer. When you take this into account along with the cost of replacing your mobile, iPod, laptop and wallet you can easily be looking at a cost that runs into hundreds of pounds.”

Recently, research conducted by Abbey Home Insurance found that the number of burglaries is likely to rise because of the recession .

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