Healthy living can lower health insurance and life premiums

Two-thirds of Brits claim they are in good health, however a recent report by Prudential’s health insurance division has revealed that “the reality paints quite a different picture”.

According to PruHealth’s Vitality Index, less than 50 per cent of Brits described their fitness levels as good and under a quarter eat their recommended daily portions of fruit and veg . Dr David Grainger, a senior fellow at Cambridge University, said the report showed that while people recognised what constituted a healthy lifestyle, a lot more was required to actually live it.

Shaun Matisonn, the chief executive of PruHealth, added: “It’s staggering that so many people in Britain are still failing to meet the minimum guidelines for exercise and diet, continue to diet and drink heavily and yet believe themselves to be generally healthy.” Poor personal health can result in increased life insurance premiums.

Last month Prudential launched its Vitality scheme, where people who live healthily are rewarded with lower health insurance and life insurance premiums.

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