Van insurance website launches new software

Kwik Fit insurance, specialists in van insurance, have launched new software on their website which can track usage of the service by customers. This will assist in improving sales conversions on the site and could have the potential to help discover fraudulent claims.

The software is being used by Kwik Fit Insurance to collect data from more than nine million customers so that they can improve their online service. The software will enable the company to look into any online customer session and view the pages that have been visited and the data which has been entered in order to verify insurance claims and pinpoint fraudulent claimants. Every visit will be time stamped and fully re-playable to enable easy reference and reporting.

Online operations and planning manager, Annie McRae, said the software is essential for the firm to remain competitive in the online market as it now plays such a big part in buying and researching insurance, as well as making claims .

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