Saga compiles list of top ten boat insurance claims

A list of the top ten boat insurance claims has been compiled by Saga Insurance and topping the list are collisions with a submerged object. Around 24 per cent of boat claims are due to a collision, costing an average of £2,419.

It has been suggested by the insurers that boat owners could safeguard their vessel by having marine charts on board and by fitting a sonar device . The second most common reason for a claim was theft, with the average claim costing £1,820.

In order to deter thieves, Saga advises removing any valuable items, closing curtains where applicable and taking anything loose off the deck or out of the cockpit .

Next on the list came collision while cruising, followed by wind damage while moored, collision while moored and flood while moored.

Saga Motor Insurance also revealed that motorists listening to blues music while driving are the most likely to be caught speeding, with 49 per cent of them found to have committed such an offence.

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