Increase in car insurance premiums for drivers using a mobile

If a driver is convicted of using a mobile phone while driving, they could soon find their insurance premiums rising. The Government has banned the use of hand-held mobile phones while driving because they are a distraction for motorists .

Allianz Insurance is going to be the first motor insurance provider to increase premiums by 30 per cent for drivers with mobile phone convictions. Previously, the insurance penalties for mobile phone convictions have been the same as for speeding convictions .

Neil Walker of Allianz Insurance said that increasing premiums for drivers with mobile phone convictions reinforces the fact that it is a dangerous and needless act. He added that if convicted of driving while using a mobile phone, a driver faces a £60 fine and three penalty points on their licence, as well as the added financial strain of higher motor insurance .

While drivers using a hands-free mobile should be exempt from the legislation, they can still be prosecuted if the police believe they didn’t have proper control of their vehicle .

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