Car insurance holders clueless about crashes, survey finds

Drivers are clueless about what to do in the event of a road traffic accident, a new study has found.

A survey of car insurance holders by has found that 80 per cent of motorists are unaware of the Highway Code directive that gives eight stages a driver should follow in the event of a crash.

It was found that most respondents (60 per cent) could only recall four out of eight points in the Highway Code.

Chairman of Jim Spowart comments that those with car insurance could be reminded of what to do via their car insurance policies .

“I suggest that they print it on all motor insurance policies. It’s a practical thing and it could help save lives,” he remarks.

Mr Spowart called on car insurance companies to remind their customers of the steps that should be taking following a road traffic accident, such as putting on hazard warning lights, switching off car engines and calling the emergency services . offers travel insurance, home insurance and life insurance as well car insurance policies to its customers.

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