Car insurance company speaks out on education

UK motorists need more education before they can be considered as safe on the roads, one car insurance company has claimed.

According to car insurance provider esure, the high number of young male motorists causing death and harm behind the wheel has highlighted this pressing need – something which it claims should spur the government into action.

The car insurance firm stated that young men are the biggest threat on the road, with male drivers up to the age of 20 being responsible for just under a third of all 2005 convictions for dangerous driving and causing death or bodily harm.

Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting for esure, said: “We believe that young people need education about the dangers of driving irresponsibly while still at school and before they ever get behind the wheel.”

He added that the naivety of young drivers and their laissez-faire attitude when behind the wheel poses a massive threat to other car insurance customers.

Meanwhile, car insurance provider AA Insurance recently warned that new regulations designed to catch out uninsured drivers could also make honest road users fall foul of the changes.

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