Home insurance reminder for gadget-happy consumers

Tech-savvy consumers are being urged to consider taking out additional home contents insurance cover in case they are targeted by thieves while meeting up with friends.

According to financing website moneysupermarket.com, many people may be unwittingly walking around town with more than £1,000 worth of uninsured personal possessions, ranging from an mp3 player and a mobile phone to jewellery and a new laptop.

However, Richard Mason, managing director of insurance at the financing portal, has warned that portable items such as these may be “particularly at risk” because they are relatively easy for thieves to spot.

Consequently, Mr Mason recommended that home contents insurance policyholders should consider adding a personal possessions insurance element to ensure they do not lose out.

“Make sure any add-ons to your insurance not only cover the cost of your gadget but also any extra money you have spent such as downloading your favourite music,” he explained.

“If in doubt, you should contact your insurer.”

Typically, basic home contents insurance cover is limited to protecting items within the policyholder’s property, such as computers, stereo systems, expensive crockery and antiques.

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