Majority of women never go for screenings, medical insurance study shows

Approximately four out of five women have not been for a professional screening, according to the findings of a new study from a health insurance specialist.

Research from private health insurance provider PruHealth has discovered that 79 per cent of female respondents have never used the facility, which is designed to pick up chronic diseases such as cancers or heart diseases at an early stage.

And the survey also suggests a possible reason for why many women are skipping the service, with 37 per cent admitting they do not think they can afford a health screening.

However, Nick Read, direct marketing and partnerships at the health insurance specialist, has warned that some women may be putting financing concerns ahead of their own wellbeing.

“People are putting themselves at risk by not having a regular check-up and full body health,” he said.

“Research has also shown that a screen can encourage people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

Also known as medical insurance, private health insurance provides policyholders with the reassurance that they may be entitled to financing support if they need to arrange costly treatments or undergo surgery.

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