Holidaymakers warned about travel insurance baggage limits

Travel insurance policyholders have been urged to check the terms of their protection package for possible limitations on luggage value.

Joanne Field, marketing manager at American Express Insurance Services, has pointed out that many holidaymakers are unaware they might have to pay extra if their total luggage exceeds a certain value, or if one item is particularly expensive.

With American Express’ Annual Classic package, for instance, travel insurance customers must abide by a total valuables limit of £3003 and a single item upper value of £250.

And Ms Field has warned people to look closely at the small print before agreeing to any travel insurance deal.

“Many travellers do not read their policy terms and conditions before travelling,” she said.

“We would encourage everyone to be sure they know what they are purchasing when choosing travel insurance and what they are covered for.”

Earlier this month, Bupa Travel announced that it was launching a new travel insurance package aimed specifically at older holidaymakers.

Targeted at people aged between 36 and 45 years old on a career sabbatical, the package includes travel insurance protection for activities such as bungee jumping and gorilla trekking.

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