Sunglasses are safety hazard, car insurance company warns

Fashion-conscious women are being warned by car insurance firm Sheilas’ Wheels that wearing the latest must-have sunglasses could be a hazard while driving.

The female-friendly car insurer found that 61 per cent of women would rather opt for style over safety and only 18 per cent of women choose sunglasses specifically for driving.

Spokesperson for the car insurance company Sheilas’ Wheels Niki Bolton comments: “Wide arms and dark lens tints may be the must-haves of the moment, but fashion-conscious women should put safety ahead of style when in control of a car.”

Eye health charity The Eyecare Trust is advising motorists to wear neutral coloured shades and to avoid dark, scratched or dirty lenses. Category four filter lenses are in fact illegal to wear when driving in the UK.

The report also finds that conversely 74 per cent of women driving in a bright light do not wear sunglasses, which can impair vision and possibly cause an accident.

Yesterday, holidaymakers were advised by the RAC to check and possibly alter their car insurance policies if they were intending to drive abroad this summer.

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