Car insurance warning for offenders

Penalty points could have a severe impact on drivers’ car insurance premiums, offenders have been warned.

However, failing to inform car insurance providers of penalty points could have even worse consequences, according to

Research by the car insurance comparison service showed that as many as one in ten drivers would pay for someone else to take their penalty points.

This is because car insurance could go up by as much as 50 per cent if someone receives nine penalty points.

In addition, chances of being approved by a car insurance provider could halve if a driver has received nine points on their licence. managing director Debra Williams warned that the consequences of selling or buying penalty points could result in a prison sentence and criminal record.

“Our advice is to ease off the gas, drive more responsibly and avoid the ultimate penalty,” she said.

The website also warned that failure to inform an insurer of penalty points could invalidate a car insurance policy and prevent payout.

Incurring 12 penalty points or more within a period of three years could see a driver disqualified, while endorsements for offences such as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs remain on a license for 11 years.

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