Travel insurance policies double at 66, financing study reveals

Elderly holidaymakers are discovering that their travel insurance premiums have doubled overnight in some cases, according to the findings of a new insurance study.

Research from financing website has revealed that a traveller who passes their 66th birthday could be in line to face a travel insurance premium hike of considerably more than 100 per cent.

For example, the top premium for an annual multi-trip insurance package, without any medical conditions, costs £35.42 for a 65-year-old person.

But one year later, this premium spirals by 150 per cent to £88.64.

“Anyone who dreams of seeing the world in their retirement will get a nasty shock, commented Richard Mason, director of insurance at the financing website.

“Older people should not be penalised for going abroad and should be able to find fairly priced travel insurance whatever their age.”

Last month, a study from internet travel insurance specialists identified the most popular gadgets taken on holiday, which may not be covered by some cheap travel insurance policies.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile phones were the most used electronic items with 88 per cent of holidaymakers taking them abroad, while 43 per cent packed an mp3 player.

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