Gadgets can distract van insurance customers, motoring association claims

Some in-vehicle gadgets run the risk of distracting motorists from the road, according to the Association of British Drivers.

The organisation, which represents van insurance customers across the UK as well as other road users, has issued the warning following an analysis of some of the most popular driver aids on the market.

Illustrating its point, the motoring group notes that traction control can be beneficial in some situations, since it could stop drivers from skidding out of control following a crash.

However, if the device was to fail, this could leave motor insurance customers in peril because they may not have developed the advanced motoring skills practised by their peers.

Anti-lock brakes, cruise control and speed limiters were also singled out as potentially problematic, van insurance customers may be interested to know.

“The ABD [Association of British Drivers] advises drivers to be on the lookout for the pitfalls and to engage brains at all times regardless of other systems in use,” remarked the association in a statement.

“Road users’ brains are the best safety device on the road.”

Another piece of technology that may cause motorists problems is the mobile phone.

On February 27th 2007, the government increased the penalties for driving while on a handheld mobile – offenders now receive a £60 fine and three penalty points on their driving licence, which could potentially impact upon their van insurance premiums.

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