Insurance advice for festive jaunts

Many Britons could be putting Christmas gifts at risk by heading abroad without adequate travel insurance, according to one expert.

AA Insurance warns that a large number of travel insurance policies will not offer cover against gifts taken overseas, as they have limits on the value of goods carried.

This could lead to many UK residents being out of pocket – although one-third opt to take out additional home insurance cover for these gifts, according to research from the insurer.

Gerry Barrett, head of AA Home Insurance, explains: “If high-value items such as cameras, digital cameras or i-Pods – and Christmas gifts – are lost or stolen, it’s likely that your home insurance will provide much more comprehensive cover than your travel insurance.”

However, the expert advises Britons planning to head abroad should ask their travel insurance provider whether the items they carry will be covered under the terms of the policy.

Sainsbury’s Bank recently urged UK holidaymakers to check that they have adequate travel insurance – as 11.9 per cent of Britons are planning to spend Christmas abroad.

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