Home insurance company offers flooding tips

Home insurance provider More Than has offered advice to Britons affected by flooding.

The first tip offered by the company is that a home insurance provider should be available to help out – homeowners can get assistance by calling a helpline.

Other advice given by the home insurance specialist includes being careful not to touch any electrical appliances and opening windows to dry out the property (weather permitting).

Additionally, fridges and freezers must be cleaned out as soon as possible – More Than states that a picture should be taken of all the food that was spoiled, which can then be sent to a home insurance provider to facilitate a claim.

Mike Holliday-Williams, managing director of More Than, commented: “Our advice to people affected by flooding is to use the skills and expertise of your insurance company.

“Our claims staff are trained to deal with these disasters and will relieve some of the immense stress and strain these situations can bring.”

Research carried out earlier this year by the Association of British Insurers found that around 500,000 UK houses in the floodplain could lack adequate home insurance.

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