Women’s Car Insurance

Women’s Car Insurance

Womens Car insurance rates are now getting cheaper because it has been proven statistically, that women drivers are more careful and safety conscious and also cover lower mileage. Women also have fewer accidents and generally incur less than men. As result the insurance claims generated by women cost less and therefore car insurance companies can offer female drivers lower premiums.

Nowadays there are many companies who specialise in providing women driver’s car insurance policies, often at discounted rates. It has been recognised that women drive differently to men. They drive shorter distances, their mileage is lower and they usually drive more slowly. Men have a higher rate of conviction for driving offences and for convictions for dangerous driving. Therefore it’s only fair that those having the most expensive prangs should pay for them while those with relatively claim-free motoring enjoy cheaper car insurance.

Due to these facts and the actual claims experience of insurance companies, is it any wonder that an insurance company will consider women drivers ‘safer’ drivers.

A guaranteed way to reduce your premiums in the long term is by accumulating your no claims bonus. This is not always easy, even if you have been a qualified driver for some time. Many women find themselves as a named driver on a partner’s policy so they miss out on earning no claims bonus’ in their own right. Some of the leading women’s car insurers have acknowledged this and give female drivers credit for the time they have not made a claim.

When taking out an insurance policy in their own name for the first time, supplying proof of a no claim driving history as a named driver will be taken as no claims bonus earned in the usual way.

How else can you try and reduce your premiums? As well as the above consider the following:

  • Excess – Adjust the amount of excess payable in the event of a claim ie the amount you have to contribute to the cost of the claim. The higher the excess, the lower the premium, however make sure the figure is an affordable one, otherwise you may find that the insurance company will not pay out.
  • Type of vehicle – Some car insurance companies specialise in particular makes or type of cars, so it’s worth shopping around as these companies may be able to offer you a better deal.
  • Type of use – Social, domestic and pleasure is the cheapest cover available, but you can upgrade this to include commuting to a permanent place of work. Cover for business use will increase the amount quoted.
  • Security – Having an approved alarm or an immobiliser will make a difference to your quote. If you don’t have anything fitted and are thinking about it check how much you can save first, as professionally-fitted security measures are expensive.

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