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To obtain a good deal for van insurance in the UK it is better to approach companies that are specialists in this area rather for cars in general.

It will be cheaper as general companies do not have much knowledge about vans and the types of vans. This makes general companies uncompetitive which is seen by the quotes supplied.

Get quotes from insurance companies specifically aimed at commercial vans, they will have a better understanding of what your and your business needs are.

Consider if you actually need specific van insurance. A van is capable of carrying a load of 3.5 tonnes or less. But always check with the company as maximum tonnages vary.

The amount quoted will also depend on the type of use you're putting the van to. If used for commercial purposes will cost more to insure than a van used for private and leisure use. Other factors which can affect the premium are:

  • The type of van
  • Your current 'No Claims Bonus'
  • Where you live
  • Occupation
  • How secure your van is
  • Gender
  • Your age

There are several factors to look out for when choosing a van insurance provider:

  • Match the van insurer's expertise, qualifications and experience with your insurance requirements.
  • Pick a provider based on professionalism, expertise, industry brand name, and premiums.
  • Acquire suitable van insurance through recommendations and by shopping around.
  • Gather testimonials from satisfied companies insured through the provider.
  • Find out if the van insurance provider is a member of any industry regulatory bodies and trade associations.
  • Clarify if there are any hidden fees, charges, or costs. There shouldn't be any!
  • Determine the level of van insurance and service your business requires.

To find a good deal that suits your needs it is essential to shop around. It is a tedious task and many do not relish the thought of having to do it but it can save you money in the long run. The key is to use the time in an efficient manner. Refine your search to target insurance companies that are interested in and actively pursuing van owners as customers.

It may be worth getting quotes from a general insurer too, if only to remind you how competitive the specialist companies are.

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