Tradesman Insurance

Tradesman Insurance

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You can get tradesman insurance for small to medium-sized businesses within the construction and related industries. It is available for businesses that have a turnover of up to £1.5 million.

Should you be a bricklayer, builder, plumber, electrician or decorator, you will not want to risk your livelihood. Even a tiny mistake could hamper your ability to make a living.

Hence, tradesman’s insurance is vital; you can opt for up to £1m public liability cover or more.

In fact, you can obtain exactly what you need in terms of insurance as a tradesman.

Standard cover

Public liability insurance

Standard tradesman insurance cover provides you with up to £1m of cover for compensation payable due to injury to third parties or damage to their property caused by you during the course of your business or arising from the sale, supply, service, repair or use of the goods you sell and for which you are held legally liable. You can increase the cover limit should you need to.

Optional covers

Employers' liability insurance

Employers’ liability insurance can cover you for up to £10m against compensation claims by your permanent or temporary employees injured when working for you where you are held legally liable, and any expenses and legal costs arising from such an injury.

Tools and equipment insurance

Tools and equipment insurance covers you for damage to tools and equipment. Cover levels vary, usually being up to £5,000

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