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Whether you are an individual taxi driver or you wish to insure an entire fleet of taxis it is important to know how to choose the right insurance taxi insurance.

Whether you are a black cab driver or a mini cab driver, whether you are a public or private hire driver, it is vital that you know how to select the right taxi insurance for you.

Why do I need Taxi Insurance?

Legally you need private car insurance should you intend to use or leave your vehicle on a public highway. Taxi insurance is necessary should you intend to carry passengers for hire or reward. Taxi insurance covers black cab, mini cab and private and public hire insurance.

Your vehicle/taxi has to be in good working order and needs to be licensed by the appropriate licence authority for your area.

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What types of Taxi Insurance are there?

There are two types of UK taxi insurance:

  • Private Taxi Hire Insurance
  • Private taxi hire insurance is otherwise known as minicab insurance.
  • Usually private taxi hire operates from a taxi office and taxis are arranged via an appointment system.

Public hire Insurance

Public hire insurance applies to insurance for immediate pick up, such as, black cabs

What kinds of Vehicle can be used as a Taxi?

You need to use a vehicle which is in good working order as a taxi. For further information do contact your local licensing authority.

Most vehicles used as taxis on UK roads are saloon and estate cars, minibuses and MPVs. Executive vehicles need specialist chauffeur insurance

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How many drivers can be on my Taxi Insurance policy?

You are able to have more than one individual as a named driver on your taxi insurance policy. However, most taxi insurance policies are for the individual who takes out the policy. Just like other private motor insurance the greater the number of named drivers the more expensive the cover.

What does my Taxi Insurance quote cover?

Just like standard motor insurance, UK Taxi insurance falls into the traditional choices:

  • Third Party Only
  • Third Party Fire and Theft
  • Comprehensive

Do I pay excess on my Taxi Insurance?

An excess is the sum of money you pay towards a claim, irrespective of who is responsible for the incident. When buying a taxi insurance policy you can determine the amount of excess you wish to pay before a claim is made. Taking out a higher excess can lower your policy premiums significantly.

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