Student Room Insurance

Students need to insure themselves for a myriad of reasons as they are especially vulnerable to theft, loss and damage of personal items.

What are the Benefits of Student Room Insurance Cover?

  • Protection of personal items in your room like clothes, desktops, TVs and DVDs
  • New for old cover, for example, a stolen desktop PC is replaced with a new one
  • Someone walks in to your room and thieves something
  • Cover for any items you leave in your room during any holiday period for up to 35 days
  • Up to £2,000 cover for individual items, including desktop PCs and stereos
  • Up to £600 cover for groups of items, such as, CDs, DVDs and photographic equipment, which reside only inside your room
  • Up to £200 cover for library books and up to £500 cover for any university property on loan
  • Automatic cover for clothes, plus up to £250 for individual items such as coats
  • Cover for the direct journey from your home and university at the start and finish of each term
  • Tenantís liability for landlordís fixtures & fittings up to £5,000

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