Student Bicycle Insurance

Many students use bicycles to get to and from university or college, especially given increasing motor and fuel costs. Therefore, students bicycle insurance is vital for students who use this mode of transport occasionally or frequently.

Benefits of Bicycle Insurance

  • Student bicycle cover replaces stolen and damaged bicycles within 24 hours of your claim being approved
  • Student bicycle cover applies to anywhere in the UK and up to 30 days within the EU.
  • Cover is available up to 1500 and applies to bicycles and all fixed accessories.
  • Student bicycle insurance offers you the peace of mind you need, covering theft, damage or vandalism to your bicycle, and any liabilities which can arise if you become involved in an accident.
  • Moreover, student bicycle cover provides you with total peace of mind to enjoy your bicycle, whether you use it for travel, sports or recreation.
  • Should your bike be stolen or damaged, it can be replaced on a new for old basis which means that no matter how old your current bicycle is, you receive a new one to get on with your day.
  • You can also get competitive deals to cover not just you, but also your family.

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