Sports Injury Insurance Cover

Why do I need Sports Injury Protection cover?

Every time you go on to the court or on to the field to play your favourite sport, you do not just risk bruises, scrapes, broken bones or damaged ligaments. You also run the risk of losing many hundreds of pounds in medical treatment and having time off work.

  • confirms that there are approximately 30 injuries per 10,000 hours of playing football which need medical treatment on the field or at A & E.
  • There was a 15% increase between 2008 and 2009 in sports related injuries.
  • confirms that the greatest injury rates are amongst contact team sports like rugby, football and hockey, followed by cricket, fencing and cycling.

Do I need Sports Injury Protection cover?

Sports-related injuries are the cause of a high number of visits to Casualty every year. Temporary injuries like fractures, torn ligaments and dislocations can mean a lengthy period of time off work.

Upon being injured, you are also likely to need physiotherapy. Even if you are covered by the NHS, you have extra hidden recovery costs including:

  • Loss of earnings as well as time off work
  • Medical aid and special equipment costs
  • Any additional assistance you might need around your home
  • Travel to the hospital and back
  • Parking fees at the hospital

What Length of Time can you manage without Sports Injury Insurance?

Just a handful of us have the financial means to meet all possible medical eventualities. Just dental bills alone can run into many hundreds of pounds; just one course of physiotherapy can cost more than 200.

The questions you need to pose yourself in relation to sports injury insurance are:

How long are my savings going to last should I be unable to work as a result of a serious sports injury?

  • Should I be unable to work what is my employer going to pay me?
  • If self-employed, for what length of time will I be able to pay the bills and the mortgage if I was unable to work?
  • Should your job depend on you being fit and active, is there are any other job I can do?

Should you be self-employed or a contract worker, it is even more important to protect yourself in terms of time off work or costly medical bills due to a sports accident.

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