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Beauty Salon Insurance

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No matter how experienced you or your staff are in terms of delivering beauty treatments, there remains the risk of an accident happening.

Should something go wrong and a client be harmed, you can end up with a sizeable compensation claim which you cannot afford.

Should your premises be affected, you may have to stop operating temporarily which is going to impact on your revenue.

Beauty salon insurance is not going to prevent any such problem occurring. However, it can provide you with financial protection for anything going amiss.

Building the business insurance policy you need

There may be several types of insurance needed to cover your beauty business. The following business insurance covers ought to assist you in getting started.

Public liability insurance

This covers your business should a customer get injured or his or her property be damaged due to your business.

Employers' liability insurance

Should you have staff legally they have to be protected by employers' liability insurance. Should an employee become ill or get injured due to working for you, he or she can claim compensation. This type of insurance can cover the cost of that claim as well as any related legal expenses.

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