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When you need to get business insurance for your pub, selecting the areas that you need to cover can be confusing.

Public liability insurance

Pub insurance can be bought for whatever the size of the establishment. Public liability is the most common claim pubs have to pay out for due to injuries on the premises. The irony is that the majority of injuries in pubs are usually alcohol related.

Loss of license insurance

An area that is usually misunderstood is loss of licence. Loss of licence provides protection for loss of your licence for the sale of alcohol due to licensing regulations or refusal to renew by the licensing authority due to causes outside the pub's control.

Herein a general exclusion would be serving underage drinkers, which is considered not to be under the pub's control and is not covered.

Stock insurance

Stock in pubs is normally worth a lot of money. The stock is an attractive target for criminals. Pubs need to consider the installment of a maintained alarm which could deter thieves and render your business more attractive to insurers.

Moreover, you need to calculate and include the entire amount of stock in your insurance. Should you under-insure it is not likely that insurers are going to pay out the full value of a claim.

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Money cover

Pubs usually deal with a lot of cash. Therefore, ensure you get enough money cover and that this covers you for when the money is in transit or in a night safe when the property is not occupied.

Many pubs now have cash dispensing machines (ATMS). Therefore, check that the insurance company offers you cover for the maximum amount of cash that can be stored in there at any given point in time.

When a pub employs staff they have to by law buy employer's liability insurance and ought to have the choice to buy theft by employees cover.

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