Prestige Car Insurance

A prestige car is a car of high value. Therefore, prestige car insurance is cover for a high value car. If you own a high-performance sports car or an immaculately kept classic car, these unique vehicles need specialist car insurance to ensure that they are financially protected in case of anything happening.

A luxury car is not purely a comfortable and trendy form of transport. For most owners they are their treasured possessions, reflecting their sophisticated lifestyle.

Prestige cars require more than the standard cover provided by many companies. Hence, it is vital to decipher what your particular requirements are and to match those with a prestige car insurance policy.

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What will prestige car insurance cover?

As a prestige car owner it is vital to remember that standard policies are not designed to cover your kind of car.

So you need a policy customised for your needs, including the expense involved in repair or replacement of the car.

You have to agree the value of the car from the outset, in order that you are aware of the specific sum which is going to be paid out in case the car is written off.

Below are some of the special benefits you can savour by choosing prestige car insurance:

  • Fully comprehensive cover for yourself
  • Some providers also provide comprehensive cover for named family members
  • A similar courtesy car if your car is involved in an accident or stolen
  • An unlimited number of trips abroad, each one up to 90 days
  • Loss of driving licence cover
  • You can select the garage of your choice for having any repairs undertaken
  • If the garage is an approved one, the repairs are guaranteed for three years
  • For individuals who have more than one prestige car, multi-car insurance policies or fleet insurance can be choices for consideration. Such policies can save you money

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