Over 50s Health Insurance

Over 50s health insurance, health cover or medical Insurance provides you with the choice of private treatment should you not wish to use the National Health Service.

There are some key players in the health insurance market for the over 50s, including Aviva, Axa PPP, Bupa Healthcare and PruHealth.

How will over 50s health insurance benefit me?

Over 50s health insurance guarantees you immediate prompt referral, diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, it offers you peace of mind with regard to your future health.

NHS queues frequently mean you have to wait a long time to see a specialist, even when you have a serious condition. Over 50s health insurance enables you to bypass such lengthy NHS queues.

Over 50s health insurance means you can receive treatment at a private hospital selected by you, from a consultant chosen by you, at a time convenient for you.

Over 50s health insurance means you are treated in a private room, often with ensuite facilities, a TV and a phone by your bed side.

Furthermore, over 50s health insurance can provide you with access to new drugs that are unavailable to the NHS.

Levels of cover for over 50s health insurance

You can select the level of cover you want when purchasing an over 50s health insurance policy. There are three kinds of cover, normally grouped as budget, standard and comprehensive cover.

Types of underwriting for over 50s health insurance

When you are purchasing over 50s health insurance, there are three kinds of underwriting to choose from: Moratorium, Full Medical Underwriting and Switch.

Possible features of an over 50s health insurance policy

The majority of health insurance companies like Aviva and PruHealth enable you to choose additional features for your over 50s health insurance policy.

  • Outpatient cover for consultations, specialist fees, physiotherapy and diagnostic testing like blood tests and x-rays, on an out-patient basis.
  • Full cancer cover covering chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  • Psychiatric cover and complementary therapies cover
  • Discount schemes form a great way of saving money on your premiums without any cover loss. An increase in your excess and a six week wait option are examples of how you can save money on your cover.

What is not covered by over 50s health insurance cover?

Certain conditions are not going to be covered by any over 50s health insurance policy, including voluntary or elective medical treatment, such as, cosmetic surgery.

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