Multiple Sclerosis

Getting life insurance if you have a pre-existing medical condition such as multiple sclerosis can be a difficult task. Insurance firms may either turn you down due to the ‘high’ risk attached to your condition or quote you a high rate without even ascertaining the severity of your illness.

Fortunately our partners specialise in providing life cover for ‘high risk’ individuals. They know which impaired life insurance providers to work with based on your current condition and medical history, and how to get you the most competitive rates.

How multiple sclerosis can affect life insurance?

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a complex neurological condition which affects around 100,000 people in the UK.

If you suffer from MS, your ability to secure life insurance and the premium you pay will depend on a number of factors regarding your condition and overall medical history. These typically include:

  • The type of MS you have – do you suffer from relapsing remitting MS (the most common form of multiple sclerosis), secondary progressive MS, primary progressive MS or benign MS?
  • The cause(s) of your condition – did genetic or environmental factors play a role in the development of your MS.
  • The type of treatment(s) you have had, or are currently on – is your condition managed using drug treatments, complementary and alternative therapies, physiotherapy or simply through diet and exercise.
  • The basis of your answers will help life insurers decide how much of a ‘higher than average’ risk you are, and set a premium that accurately reflects this risk.

Let us help you get the life insurance coverage you need.

Please note this information is for illustration purposes only and we cannot guarantee that a client with multiple sclerosis will be accepted for life insurance.

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