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Motorbikes are a fabulous alternative to cars as they are better in terms of fuel efficiency and easier to maintain. They are also good fun when you are on the open road.

Motor biking is very much part of life for some and driving a car never really compares to the excitement and freedom a bike provides.

Therefore it is essential to ensure that you have the right insurance for your two wheels. It is vital to obtain the correct level of cover for yourself.

Third-party motorbike insurance

Third party bike insurance provides the most basic level of cover. Hence, it is the cheapest form of insurance. This level of insurance covers damage to a third party's bike, property or to the third party themselves. So, say the worst happens and you were involved in an accident, this would mean a pay out for damage to the other vehicle and any resultant medical expenses. In addition, this means that should you have a pillion rider and he/she gets injured in the accident, the policy will extend to cover them.

However, the major disadvantage of third party bike insurance is that you remain uncovered for your bike or your own medical expenses. Should you own a really expensive bike it is advisable to get a higher level of cover.

Third party fire and theft bike insurance

You bike could be stolen regardless of any safeguards. As well as covering what a third party cover does, the third party fire and theft bike insurance covers you should your bike be stolen or damaged by fire.

Fully comprehensive bike insurance

This kind of cover gives you the maximum level of cover. Therefore, it can be considerably more expensive than other kinds of insurance.

If the unforeseen happens, you will be thankful that you forked out that bit extra.

Moreover, this policy pays out for damage to your bike should you be involved in an accident that is your fault.

There are several extras which may provide you with some additional peace of mind, like, motorcycle breakdown cover, legal expenses, or a courtesy bike when yours has gone in for repair.

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