Mental health

If you suffer from mental health problems and wish to apply for life Insurance, you are in the right place.

Mental health problems such as can have a major effect on your ability to obtain a life insurance policy. Insurers may either turn down your request or quote you a high premium without even determining the severity of your condition.

Our partners specialise in providing life insurance for those with pre-existing conditions that make them ‘high risk’. They know which impaired life insurance providers to work with based on the type of mental illness you have and how to get you the most competitive rates.

How mental health problems can affect life insurance?

When looking to take out life insurance, insurance companies will ask you a series of health-based questions to decide whether you are a ‘normal’ or ‘higher than average’ risk customer.

If your answers suggest you currently have (or have had) a mental health problem, they will usually ask for more information on your medical condition/history as many severe mental illnesses have both an increased risk of accidental death and suicide – which is why cover for these conditions can be difficult to find. The insurer will typically want to know:

  • The type of mental illness you have – commonly diagnosed forms include anxiety, bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, paranoia and, schizophrenia.
  • The cause of your condition – e.g. factors that played a role in the development of your mental illness, such as family background, genes, stress social problems, etc.
  • The type of treatment you have had – e.g. medication and talking (physiological) treatments are the two most common forms of treatment offered via the NHS.

The information you provide regarding your mental health condition will help determine your eligibility for life cover and, if approved, the cost of your insurance policy.

Let us help you get the life insurance coverage you need.

Please note this information is for illustration purposes only and we cannot guarantee that a client with a mental illness will be accepted for life insurance.

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