Jewellery Insurance

We may consider diamonds to be forever when it comes to protecting your home’s contents. However, your jewellery is usually the most vulnerable of your possessions to the risk of theft, loss or accidental damage.

Contents insurance usually includes cover for valuable items like jewellery and watches, plus engagement rings and diamonds under the valuables section. You do not need to highlight individual items, pairs or sets should they be valued under £15,000. Your precious items are going to be covered for theft or accidental loss or damage should any of these eventualities occur at home or outside it.

There is usually no necessity to get separate jewellery insurance when our home contents policy covers jewellery.

Reasons why you may need insurance for your Jewellery

  • Your jewellery collection is worth more than you think
  • You may have recently inherited or been given certain valuable items
  • your jewellery constitutes your most treasured and vulnerable belongings
  • you may actually wear your jewellery as opposed to hiding it in a safe

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