Ice Cream Van Insurance

It is crucial that you choose the ice cream van insurance for your new business to protect yourself, your product, and your customer. The standard comprehensive, third party, and third party fire and theft policies are available, as well as choices which may be more apt for your specific needs as a mobile ice cream seller, say, you may want to select seasonal cover for 6 months instead of 12 months?

When you are searching for cover for your ice cream van, ensure that your insurance policy includes fixtures and fittings. Should you add public liability and liability insurance for other employees, you could qualify for a discount from your insurer.

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Business tips

Firstly, it is good to get your ice cream van business started by having a highly visible van. Secondly, get yourself into events so you are noticed. Go online and find out what is going on. There are numerous sites which list events for which caterers are needed.

Do not disregard any opportunity, such as fairs, trade shows, birthday parties or family reunions. Ensure you have a load of flyers and other promotional material ready to distribute at every event.

Moreover, you can utilize modern technology to assist you in terms of announcing where you are going to be on social networking sites.

You can also invite media coverage by giving away free ice cream at events for some free publicity.

Becoming legal via registration

Registering your ice cream van business is different to getting a licence. It just permits the area you are working know that you are there in order that random food safety checks can be undertaken.

You need to have this on file for a minimum period of 28 days prior to you launching your business. You can fill the form in online or download it. Upon being known in the area, anticipate your local food safety inspector to visit you. A check will be made of your premises, your van and where you park overnight to ensure that they are right for effective ice cream storage and preparation.

Even when your registration is approved, the authority retains the right to demand upgrades or modifications considered necessary for the public health and safety. Should you understand the regulations in advance you can save time, money and trouble.

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