Household Appliance Insurance

Household appliance warranty

Most, if not all, of us are dependent on our washing machines and fridge freezers. We all rely on mod cons at home to function effectively. Most of us have been at home or returned home to find water seeping from the washing machine or the dishwasher having come to stand still.

The manufacturer's guarantee usually covers any appliance breakdown within the first year. So, over that period you do not have to fork out for any repairs or replacement.

However, how are you going to function if the breakdown occurs in the second or third year? Can you function minus a fridge and can you afford to pay for any repairs? Fixing a household appliance can be expensive, including the call out charge, labour and parts. It could cost you hundreds of pounds to purchase a new TV or washing machine.

What is covered by an extended warranty?

An extended warranty is a kind of insurance policy which covers your household appliances beyond the manufacturer's guarantee period. Say your washing machine breaks down as a result of a mechanical or electrical failure, the home appliance warranty pays for repairs or a replacement.

Save on your household appliance insurance today

Extended warranties do not normally cover accidental damage. There may be restrictions as to the age and value of a particular item. You can usually insure more than an appliance on the same policy. Of course, the more appliances you insure the greater the premium.

Where can I purchase a household appliances warranty?

The retailer, at the point of sale, convinces most consumers to purchase an extended warranty. This not compulsory and you can frequently get cheaper cover should you shop around for competitive quotes.

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