Horsebox & Trailer Insurance

Horsebox insurance is a product offered by most equine insurance providers to protect private individuals with motorised and, in some cases, non-motorised horse carrying vehicles from theft or damage.

For horse owners, horseboxes and trailers are vital pieces of kit as they provide a way of transporting their animals from A to B. But due to their size, they are more vulnerable to accidents, which could result in your much-loved horse(s) being hurt or even killed. This is why it makes sense to have good cover in place.

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What types of horsebox insurance policies are available?

Most horsebox insurers offer fully comprehensive and third party fire & theft policies catering for 'social, domestic and pleasure' use as well as 'business' use, meaning you are covered no matter what your day-to-day equine activities are. They also usually cater for all types of horsebox, from trailers and small transit-sized units to top-of-the-range, large capacity vehicles.

Features and benefits of fully comprehensive policies usually include:

  • Accidental damage cover
  • Third party, fire & theft cover
  • New vehicle replacement
  • Windscreen and windows cover
  • Personal accident, belongings and medical expenses
  • Replacement locks
  • Overseas use
  • Breakdown cover

Please Note: Most equine insurers in the UK include horsebox cover as part of their horse insurance policies, usually offering it as an additional cover option. Taking out both products together could save you a considerable amount than purchasing two separate policies.

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