Heart Disease

If you suffer from heart disease and you wish to apply for life insurance, you have come to the right place.

Getting life cover can be difficult if you have a history of heart disease or any other serious medical condition. Insurance companies may either turn down your application or quote you a high premium without even determining the severity of your illness.

Fortunately our partners specialise in impaired life cover for those with pre-existing, ‘high risk’ medical conditions such as heart disease. They understand heart disease from an impaired life insurance underwriting standpoint; know which impaired life insurance firms to work with based on your specific heart problem and how to get you the most competitive rates.

Heart disease overview

Heart disease (also known as coronary heart disease) is a serious condition that involves the narrowing or blockage of the coronary arteries – i.e. the ones the deliver/supply blood to the heart muscle. Blocked arteries can restrict blood flow to the heart and starve it of oxygen and the vital nutrients it needs to function properly. If this occurs, you may suffer chest pain (angina), irregular heart beats heart palpitations (arrhythmia) or even injury to the heart muscle (heart attack).

How heart disease can affect life insurance?

Your ability to secure life insurance with a history of heart disease will depend on a number of factors regarding your medical condition. These typically include:

  • Severity – people with more severe forms of heart disease (e.g. heart attack) are less likely to be approved for a life insurance policy and, if successful, more likely to receive a much higher quotation.
  • Treatment/medication – are you on a course of blood pressure/cholesterol-lowering mediation or have you undergone, or are due to undergo, a major surgical procedure such as heart bypass surgery
  • Follow Up – regular cardiac check ups are a must. The chances of you securing life insurance will increase considerably if you’ve had regular cardiac check-ups to monitor your condition, such as a stress echo test, echocardiogram (EKG) or angiography.
  • Other risk factors – your chances of qualifying for life cover will be much lower if you have any other health issues associated with heart disease, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity or diabetes.

Let us help you get the life insurance coverage you need.

Please note this information is for illustration purposes only and we cannot guarantee that a client with heart disease will be accepted for life insurance.

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