Funeral Planning

It is crucial to understand how important having some type of funeral provision. It gives you peace of mind if you plan your funeral. It also provides your closest ones with details of what you would like done when you die. Funeral planning lifts the emotional and financial pressure off you; it also enables you to stipulate how you wish to be remembered.

Funeral planning can incorporate various things from specifying your final wishes to making sure the funeral costs are sorted.

What are the benefits of planning your funeral?

  • An opportunity to specify how you are remembered
  • Peace of mind
  • The opportunity for your family to know any final wishes
  • Relieve your family of any extra financial and emotional burden
  • Avoidance of increasing funeral costs

There is a great deal of emotional distress that families face when a close one dies; this often increases as families do not know how their loved one wishes to be remembered, such as, whether the individual wanted to be buried or cremated, what type of funeral was wanted; who they wish attend, who they would like to do any readings and so on. Talking to your family and planning your funeral will relieve any additional emotional pressure at such a difficult time.

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