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What is courier insurance cover?

Courier insurance is a type of specialist cover which protects businesses that operate commercial vehicles to transport goods for hire or deliver items to clients on a daily basis.

Delivery and logistics-led organisations require insurance to operate safely. However, normal car or van insurance policies do not cover vehicles used in the courier service industry.

Most courier businesses are unaware of this while some also make the mistake of thinking haulage insurance will cover them, and thus leave themselves liable.

Fortunately, there are a number of specialist firms that provide insurance for all types of courier, from small and large-sized courier companies with large fleets to self employed couriers and owner drivers. These include:

  • Autonet Insurance
  • eCourier Insurance
  • Coversure 4 Couriers
  • Quoteline Direct
  • Swinton Commerical
  • Trident Insurance
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Goods in transit insurance

Companies operating in this sector must also ensure they have the right cover for the goods inside their courier vehicles. This type of product liability protection is available through Goods In Transit (GIT) cover, with different levels of protection available depending on the type and value of the goods that are being transported.

Some courier insurance providers include this in their policies, while others offer it as an optional extra/additional product along with Public Liability Insurance and Employers Liability Insurance.

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