Caravan Insurance

It is vital to pick a caravan insurance policy should you own a caravan or are going to by one.

Just like any other vehicle in the UK, you are going to have to ensure that you have sufficient insurance cover to protect you for your liability in respect of third parties and their property.

Caravan insurance normally provides you with the following major features: new for old replacement, European cover, third party/public liability cover, personal possession and equipment protection and several other covers dependent on the insurer.

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Caravan insurance: touring and static

Should you own a caravan that is towed behind your vehicle, or a static caravan kept permanently at a caravan site, you can obtain a standard caravan insurance policy which insures you for either of those options.

Most caravan insurance companies cover you for trips within the EU, nonetheless, they have restrictions as to the number of days' overseas cover you have. This type of policy can provide you third party liability, including damage or injury to a third party or their property.

Standard cover usually features repair or replacement, on a like for like basis, in case your caravan gets damaged or is stolen. Cover is normally provided for fixtures and fittings, personal items and stereos.

Motor home insurance

Motor home insurance is normally offered in three sections: third party, third party fire and theft, and fully comprehensive. This cover will pay out in case you damage a third party's vehicle or injure. However, the cover will not pay out for damage to your own motorhome.

An upgrade is third party fire and theft, which offers the same, yet also provides cover if your motorhome is stolen or damaged by fire.

The next step up for cover is fully comprehensive cover, which normally includes the above, with the inclusion of covering you for damage to your motorhome and any one person in the event of an accident. There are also other covers available dependent on insurer.

Normally fully comprehensive motor home insurance covers: new for old replacement, European cover, contents/equipment and windscreen/window cover.

Trailer tent insurance

You can opt for a trailer tent or folding camper if you own one of them. Cover features are often similar to those of a touring caravan policy and ought to include; third party liability, European cover, damage or replacement and so on.

Cover is not usually provided for theft due to a lack of physical security measures on trailer tents. However, fixtures and fittings ought to be covered.

Exclusions for caravan insurance?

Common exclusions with regard to caravan insurance are normally: wear & tear, use of a caravan or motor home as a permanent home, adequate security measures not being in place, and vermin damage to trailer tents. Certain motor home insurance policies include breakdown; others do not.

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