Car Warranty Guide

What is the point of a Car warranty?

  • If you have bought a new car, you will not need to worry about repairing it for several years.
  • You may have been lucky and had a long period motoring with no problems.

  • You can of course have mechanical and electrical difficulties with cars and may need to fork out a load of money for repairs.
  • Car warranty insurance takes care of sudden, sizeable bills. It is especially important if you need your car for work or chauffeuring your children to school.

What is the Point of Buying a Warranty Directly?

You can buy a warranty directly from companies that sell them. This means you do not have to worry about a manufacturer's or dealer's warranty expiring. You can make arrangements to pay monthly or one, two or three years in advance, with an advance agreement as to the minimum annual mileage.

If you purchase a warranty directly you are not restricted in terms of your choice of service garage, given that you are registered for VAT. Alternative schemes may restrict you to use certain facilities which could be more expensive than if you shop around.

Of note is that a warranty covers repairs needed due to wear and tear.

What do I need to do?

To buy a warranty on a used car directly you need to have had your car serviced in the last 12 months. Upon the issue of a warranty, you need to adhere to the manufacturer's recommended service intervals.

How much does a car warranty cost?

The make, model and age of the car as well as your personal details determine the cost of a car warranty.

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