Business Continuity Insurance

Business Interruption insurance covers the shortfall of your gross profits when your business suffers serious loss or damage. There is also a need to protect your business against long-term disruption.

This can be done via Business Continuity Management (BCM), which is an approach for controlling risk. Along with Business Interruption insurance, this type of management can make a considerable difference to the way your business makes a recovery after an incident.

Tips for Business Continuity Management

Business continuity management enables you to cover essential areas of your business.


It is vital you maintain your critical data as safe as possible, that is, paper records and electronic information


It is vital that you maintain the specialist skills, contacts, and acumen in your business in order that you can continue when you need to.

Stock and Equipment

Lack of stock and ineffective equipment can slow down the recovery of a business should there be a serious loss.

Customers, Suppliers and Utilities

It is vital to keep a paper and electronic copy of customers and suppliers to ensure the business can continue in case of a disruption. It may be an idea to keep back ups at home.

Pre-planning can mean the difference between a setback and a total disaster.

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